General Terms & Conditions of La Dolce Villa Bali

Reservations: Reservations will be confirmed when:
- you receive a confirmation of the availability and rate, from us
- we receive a copy of the signed contract and your payment of the deposit of 25%

Payment: The payment of rent is done according to the following conditions:
- 25% when booking by bank transfer to our bank account
- 75% in cash upon arrival or by bank transfer 10  days before the start date of rental
- If payment is not received on or before the day of arrival, the contract  is cancelled and the owner can freely dispose of his property. The due balance has to be paid to the owner.


Caution: To secure  from the dammages that could be caused by the tenant to the property , the tenant pays in cash the day of  arrival  to the villa  a  caution  which is specified in the contract.  This  caution will be returned to the Tenant the day of departure  after check out  or within 10 days after his departure, after deduction of due amounts  if they are justified (extra cleaning costs, replacement of deteriorated or missing things , payment of any telephone calls.)


Cancellation: All cancellations must be notified  to the owner by registered letter  or by email with  answer of  the owner in return to be valid.

- Fees of cancellation :

 + 49 days before  date of arrival: 25% 

    36 to 49 days before  date of arrival: 30% 

    20 to 35 days before date of arrival: 60%

    14 to 20 days before  date of arrival: 90%

    Less than 14 days before  date of arrival: 100%

-In the worse case  if the tenant does not respond within  24 hours  before the scheduled date of arrival , the contract is  cancelled and the owner can freely dispose of his property. The deposit  of 25% ist lost and the balance of 75% is due to the owner.

Arrival and departure schedules: Arrival time at the villa  must be between 2pm and 7pm . Departure must take place before 12am. The tenant must notify is arrival time 7 days prior to his arrival date and specify the flight number in case he wishes to be greeted  and picked up at the airport.

Obligations of the tenant: The rental  is made as the following terms and conditions that the tenant  agree to perform :
- l) Use the premises in the state  they are with their standards of safety and hygiene.
- 2) Occupy the premises  without  the exercise of any trade or profession or industry  which are prohibited.  The tenant agree to use the premises covered by this contract  as a temporary residence for vacations.

- 3) Take care of the leased property,
- 4) Insure himself against risks of
robbery, fire, water damage and claims from Neighbors, insure the leased furniture , or have liability insurance covering these claims.
- 5) Not able to claim any compensation on the amount of rent in case of power cuts, water failure , not resulting from the owner.
- 6) Do not remove any  furniture , nor make any exchange.
- 7) Leave the premises in  good and clean conditions. If not expenses will be at the charge of the tenant.
- 8) Allow a visit  of the villa at a convenient time with a 48hrs notice.

- 9) Do not  replace any person whatsoever, nor  rent for yourself.
- 10) Meet the standards of occupancy stated above, the number of persons occupying the villa can not exceed the number stated in Article 1, unless having written consent of  the owner, who  reserves the right to request additional rent. In the case the tenant does not comply with the sleeping capacity stated as maximum, the owner will cancell the contract immediately without any compensation .
To avoid disturbing
neighborhood, the tenant agrees not to receive during the day or evening, more than 6 persons.
- 11) Do not introduce  animals in the villa without the consent of the owner,
- 12) Refrain from throwing in the sinks, bathtubs, toilets, objects that could  clog pipelines otherwise  you will be liable for charges incurred for reparation.

- 13) Do not claim rent reduction in case of urgent repairs due to normal use of equipment during your stay.
- 14) Do not make noise that could  disturb the neighbors, loud music, shouting, .... Tenant will assume all legal and financial consequences if behavior cause a complaint from the neighborhood.
- 15) no big party in the villa, without permission from the owner

Natural disasters, emergency. In case of  emergency, or flight cancellations, La Dolce Villa Bali will do everything possible to postpone the dates of your holidays, but can not guarantee it. The owner of La Dolce Villa Bali is not required to refund . We encourage guests to have insurance covering such incidents.
In case of disaster or emergency that does not allow  the guest to occupy the villa, the Owner will refund the amount of rent, or try to find a similar accommodation to house tenants.


Services & benefits: Our rates include various benefits:
- Welcome at the airport on the arrival day and transfer to the villa ( stay up to 6 days)

- Assistance of the manager (French,English and Indonesian speaking) to facilitate your stay and discover places to visit …or if you attend a particular problem.

- Cleaning service: 4  hours/day-6 days a week except Sunday

- Linen supplied

- Drinking water fountain

- Garden and pool maintenance

-   Air-conditioned rooms
-  Satellite TV, DVD player, ...

-  Ilimited internet acces

Optional but not free :

-       we can reserve scooters or rental car

-       we can offer you the service of our driver

-       A guide  with you to discover Bali and Seminyak area

-       Security guard

-        babysitting, cook local, French chef, massage at the villa, laundry, .... Some services require a 24 or 48 hours  delay.


Service Staff: The service staff is responsible for the cleaning and maintenance of the villa. He receives instructions from the manager of the villa, and is not charged to do your  personnal  household work  (dishes, cooking, laundry ...). However, they can do some work at your request depending on their availability and  with compensation (shopping, laundry, ...). If you are satisfied with the service staff, please let them know (tips are welcome).


Holiday Insurance: We strongly recommend that you take a holiday insurance to cover medical care, trip cancellation and your personal liability.  Circumstances may occur and may force you to change your travel and vacations at La Dolce Villa Bali.


Commitments Owner: La Dolce Villa Bali will do everything possible to keep the villa in good condition. If there is a maintenance problem, the villa owner will seek to resolve the problem as soon as possible.
There will be no refund in case of  failures concerning electricity, telephone, water, filtration system of the pool, hot water systems, air conditioning, TV Etc.. However, the owner will make every effort to resolve the problem immediately. The tenant accepts any external intervention to repair the problems. We will  inform you and schedule a time and day at your convenience to respect your privacy and your vacation.
All informations and descriptions such as distances, characteristics of the house, etc., are given in good faith. La Dolce Villa Bali is not responsible for errors or inaccuracies in the descriptions of minor assets that could be found in one of its documents or its content.

Agreement of The Terms And Conditions: The signature of the contract  and payment of deposit guarantee the agreement of these terms by the tenant.



Thank you for reading la Dolce Villa Bali rental terms and conditions and wishing you a very happy stay